Reader Reviews


Linda Tremper:

I am ASTOUNDED by this book. I had to search for the right word. I recommend you read it slowly to ponder and digest. Take the time to read all of the scripture references. It’s tempting to look ahead, but I recommend you try and grasp each concept and let the revelation sink in. You will want to savor each course, ponder and digest, and then the truth will convince you. The author has done such a thorough job of research on the topic of “communion”, a favorite ritual common in the church. He also touches on several other topics, and drives home his points using simple logic. I have the feeling there are many many empty traditions we do as believers that are so not what He ever intended, even down to cornerstones of the faith that are taken for granted. This drives our behavior as believers and can often lead us into error. The legalism from the misinterpretation can cause so much pain and division, and must make God a little crazy at times and most likely sad. I want to challenge my own belief system, and stay open to these kinds of revelation (test and try them). I found the quote by Schopenhauer on page 472 to be especially applicable: “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” I bought a book from the author’s website to send to a friend of mine who will love it for it’s thinking outside the box, knowledge of the Catholic churches influence (he grew up Catholic), and love for and understanding of Jewish culture. I know he will see the truth in it. I honestly believe God wants this truth to be known, even if people are resistant and fearful of change. I often keep my mouth shut even though I feel I may have new revelation on something for fear of the ridicule or opposition. Thank you T. Alex Tennent for putting into words things I knew were right experientially or otherwise. Thank you for saying it out loud (rather writing it :), when others are too afraid to rock the boat.


Barbara Lockhart:

I can’t imagine putting that much research and study into your excellent book, The Messianic Feast. You did such a thorough job no one with an open mind can’t help changing their mind and praying for God to move to bring about His love feast He longs for His Bride to experience.

Thank you for your labor of love. Certainly God chose the right person to take on, and complete a book that is ready for God to use to give His people the knowledge they need to freely experience what He wants to give. You have done your job, and I along with others, will pray for all those hungry hearts out there that are searching for more will find the answers they need in your book to enter into what God has for them.

Thank you Al. I feel privileged to get a copy of your book. I believe it to be a masterpiece. I especially liked all the scriptures that were typed out and not just referenced. It was easy to read and kept my attention throughout the book. I was going to just “skim thru it” but ended up reading every word. Excellent job! Every Pastor needs this book but I fear most are not ready. Al has done his part; now I pray God will prepare His bride to receive it…He knows who they are. (I long for the body of Christ to come into fellowship with one another in His Spirit as it is so lacking in most churches, and in my opinion, they don’t have a clue about “the Communion”.)
Blessings, Barbara


John Koppang:

T. Alex Tennent’s book is an essential read for anyone seeking to accurately understand the scriptures concerning the events that surround the Last Supper and crucifixion of Jesus. If you have ever found yourself lost in the explanations offered by commentators attempting to harmonize the gospel accounts of the Last Supper, the Passover, Jesus’ crucifixion, his burial and resurrection, then you must read this book. The author’s insights into the original meanings of the Greek and Hebrew texts shed revelatory insight. By correctly translating key scriptures that pertain to these events, the author has unlocked here-to-fore hidden understanding. This carefully researched book reveals how bias driven translations have laid a foundation over the years that have obscured truth. Additionally, through his careful analysis of scripture he has unpacked the true significance of “Communion.” Its true spiritual significance is finally clearly shown. This book should not be ignored by the serious student of the scriptures.


Tom Berry:

I do not like this book, I love this book!

There are combinations of reasons that cause me to appreciate this book. The study of the words used in their original language and what they meant at the time and context in which they were written. The author’s knowledge and use of hermeneutical principles and his understanding of the manners and customs of those days. Another very important factor is the consideration of church history as well as the impact of both the governmental and clerical rule that imparted and dictated much of the churches dogma and the traditions that were accepted and adopted. Many compromises were made in the name of unity and peace and took priority above the truths of the bible. The honesty and integrity of the author is commendable and I hope more Christian literature and books will follow this example.


Dan Langdon:

This book may result in a personal paradigm shift.

It quickly becomes obvious that this book is a scholarly work, thoroughly researched and carefully written. The author’s premise regarding the Messianic Feast and the Communion ritual is supported with clear scripture from many different directions. Mr. Tennent’s conclusion is hard to argue with when the only countering evidence comes from non-scriptural traditions of men and customs of the early Church or the intentional alteration or wreckless interpretation of clear scripture. All which serves to keep us cozy in our traditional comfort zones. I understand and agree with Mr. Tennent’s premise regarding Communion and the Messianic Feast as revealed from his careful examination of scripture and Church history. I have been challenged to look at Communion in an entirely new light. The next big question becomes how we as individuals or the Church at large deal with this revelation. Embrace the new light as revealed directly from scripture, or stay in the zone where the boat does not rock. The book is a fantastic read, certainly suitable for us non-scholars. DWL


Debra Rae:

The Messianic Feast: Spirit and Truth.

I was honored when asked to join T. Alex Tennent’s editorial team for The Messianic Feast. As a published author, I’m well acquainted with the rigors of publishing. In all honesty, I know no colleague in the industry whose commitment to Bible truth exceeds his. Never once did Mr. Tennent stray from bedrock commitment to uphold scriptural integrity while conveying revelatory (some might say revolutionary) understandings. An honest reader would be hard pressed to gainsay or resist Tennent’s reasoned (though sometimes non-conventional) conclusions. With scholarly precision and marked humility, Mr. Tennent systematically imparts what I accept to be the pure heart of God. Simply put, for the New Testament Church to be solidly grounded in the Word, united and released in spirit, she must prayerfully move beyond sentimental ritual and ho-hum practices. Ours is a new and a living way. Whether you are a pastor, teacher, scholar, or student of the Bible, you will be edified, perhaps surprised, and certainly amazed as you view the Messianic Feast from the unique vantage point of first-century believers. Thank you, T. Alex Tennent! This book’s a keeper.


Darla Sprossig:


Once I opened the book I found very hard to put down. I appreciate that it is carefully written to align with scripture and penned to read with ease.

I highly recommend ‘The Messianic Feast’ and believe it will have a lasting impact on all who read it. Thank you Mr. Tennent for the tremendous time and effort it must have taken to write this book. It is wonderful!


Paul D. Arnold:

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

When traditions are challenged then many times the above attitude prevails. It takes time to think things through and remove the dirt so only the substance remain. Mr. Tennent, like an archeologist, carefully removes the dirt so the valuable artifact can be seen and enjoyed for what it is. He has had to pick his way through ritual and misguided traditions and clean up the work of early agenda driven historians so we can enjoy this uncorrupted truth, which is to edify us all. This excavation has taken time and effort and careful sorting fact from fiction. Now the truth has been freed, we can freely move beyond the ritual to the richness of “The Messianic Feast”. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy a fine treatise that will enrich your soul and touch your spirit. Well done, Mr. Tennent.


Paula McClary:

What I love most about “The Messianic Feast: Moving Beyond The Ritual” is, as soon as I began reading it, it spoke to my heart and affected my spirit. This book is loaded with golden nuggets of truth and new revelation. It has provided me with a greater knowledge and understanding of what true ‘communion’ really is. Also, it has had a definite positive impact on my interaction with other members of the body of Christ. Thank you, Alex Tennent for sharing this wonderful gift! I am eternally grateful for this new understanding!


David M. Gustafson

I spent days going through this book checking and double checking his conclusions.  I can’t find a theological error.  It’s an accurate account with hundreds of cross references.  I recommend it to anyone who truly wants to walk with Jesus.  It’s a light at the end of the tunnel for those who want to understand the heart of God.


Matt Geib

THANKS…fyi…that may be the BEST theological book I have read in 20 years…That says a Lot I read 3-5 books per week! 🙂 …I LOVED your book!!….we will talk soon as your book leaves me with many questions…that is a GOOD thing!

And later Matt added:

This book amazed me & left me in awe!! I have not received such a wonderful scriptural revelation in 20 years. Mr. Tennent has SURE done his research here…laying out & building Truth upon Truth…just like scriptures say ‘Line upon Line, precept upon precept’…He builds an undeniable case in my Heart & mind for this Precious, Refreshing, & Religiously FREEING TRUTH about our Lord’s TRUE intention for what many refer to as ‘The Last Supper’, for anyone who will read this book with an open heart…if you DARE! I heard it once said ‘That most men/women have not had a new thought since puberty’…I would say a hearty Amen about the Religious & Christian world…too many of us for far too long have never questioned anything we have been taught by the Clergy/ Church Leaders..I ask could this be why the Church has been so anemic & weak in bringing about any Significant positive change in our world & culture over the last 200 years or so? I applaud Mr. Tennent’s willingness to lay aside any bias or preconceived ideas to Flesh-out this New ground-breaking Truth…I can only say we need more ‘Spiritual Pioneers & Ground breakers’ like him to Bring the Christian world into More Power & Freedom. Should you read this book with an open & curious heart (& I PRAY you DO! ) It will transform you & Free you in New ways…God will use this book to help you move from ‘Religion into a relationship’ with Him & His Church!


Fred Rapp (Author of “You are Created to be Loved”)

The depth of this work is amazing. Alex does such a good job of covering all the bases leaving no gaps for one to wonder where he is coming from. This work is on par with all the reformers that have changed the course of Christianity. Good job Alex, one step closer to the way things were 1900 years ago. Fred Rapp