The Messianic Feast

By opening the door to understanding certain scriptures from within first-century Jewish idioms, this book reveals major new truths as the author explains what those scriptures really mean, as well as those previously—and erroneously—believed to teach a ritual of Communion. He explains the Jewish disconnect that took place in Rome and documents this disconnect using history that has previously been misunderstood.

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Is the position of a pastor over each church something the Messiah wanted? Did the apostles set up men with this title? Is this church position actually hindering the moving of God’s Spirit in these last days? This post takes a fresh look at the scriptures to see if what has been handed down since…

Independent Publishers Interview Introduces the Book

Winner of the 2014 Independent Publisher Award.

The Messianic Feast wins an IPPY award The Messianic Feast was awarded a gold medal by the prestigious 2014 Independent Publisher (IPPY) awards. Out of some 5,500 entries there were only about 90 gold medals awarded. The Ebook has now been completed and is also available.

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